Sloan and Jason are two of the sweetest souls I think I've ever met. They're the type that just brighten everything up when you're around them, and I am so, so glad they found each other many years ago. The way that they are when they're together is just so precious to see, and I feel truly honored that they chose me to capture their moments during their engagement and at their wedding.

Their gorgeous wedding took place at Gambill Estate in Roaring River. It was the PERFECT venue for these two with an intimate feel in the buildings and so much space to roam outside. Their ceremony was simultaneously the most jaw-dropping, nerve-racking, and emotional thing. Moments before the wedding party was set to come outside, the wind picked up viciously and the atmosphere changed, making it appear that the entire ceremony space was about to be poured on with rain. The clouds were dark, and you could start to see people's expressions questioning whether they should wait around or go ahead inside. The wedding party pressed on, though, through the wind. The rain never came, and it was a beautiful day.

I remember how incredible it was to see Sloan and Jason really experiencing the entire day, which is really easy to miss out on with the chaos of everything going on around you. It was a lovely, lovely time.

Full vendor list coming soon <3