Sheena Frey

"Sarah is an amazing photographer and can make even the most introverted, awkward people fell comfortable in front of the camera. She has a way of making anyone and everyone look positively stunning in her photographs and I would absolutely hire her again in the future :)"


marissa clarke

"I was really nervous about being in front of the camera since it was my first time being in a photoshoot. But Sarah put on my favorite music which eased my nerves and proceeded to act like a boss behind her camera. I respected how she made it her mission to make sure I wasn't uncomfortable and always made sure I was okay with doing a pose. Her kindness and professionalism made modeling feel natural to me and I had such a good time.The pictures turned out fantastic and I love them. Without a doubt, I would call her up again because her work is phenomenal."


Kevin Michael Putnam

"Sarah is not only an amazing photographer, she's also an amazing person. It's hard not to have fun when she's around. She was very professional and I couldn't be happier with the outcome of working with her."


Joy Moore-Thompson

"Sarah is very friendly and professional. It felt very natural - to be in front of her lens. In addition to the process of snapping pics, I was very pleased with how my photos turned out. I definitely hope to work with Sarah again! Whatever you have in mind, I'm sure that she will capture it vibrantly."


Emily grace conrad

"Very encouraging and nice photographer to work with! Her edits are simply lovely, and her creative ideas make her photography a piece of art. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a couples session!!"