Personal Investment

My goal is to provide all of my clients with a warm, safe space that will allow us to produce our best work together. Organic moments are most beloved, and I'm here to help grow and evolve them. I believe whole-heartedly in the importance of producing image galleries that speak authentically of the subjects within; captivating the richness of each and every moment.

From start to finish, your work is in my hands. It was wild to me--the discovery that so many photographers nowadays are outsourcing their images to be edited by another person, either that they know personally or that they have found over the web. Your moments are of profound value to me, and I personally put my heart and soul into the work that I give back to you with that value in mind. Your photos are processed carefully, one by one, to ensure that they are aesthetically and technically pleasing. It is also important to note that I edit all of the images that I send to you, and on average, couples receive 60+ images per hour of my time (40-50/hour for portrait bookings).

I have a great love for granting my clients the ease of printing images on their own time without restriction. Online password-protected image galleries give clients the opportunity to share full or curated image galleries with close friends and family, also granting those with the shared link the ability to print images at their lab of choice.


Thank you for considering me to be your photojournalist.